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Bay Game


Name:  Tyler Whitney    UVA Email: tpw4d

Course Instructor: Bill Sherman     TA (If applicable)    Sophia Lee

x I have NOT played the UVA Bay Game before.

Please respond to the following questions as completely as your current knowledge of the subject allows.

1. List the variables and concepts that you think are part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed system (You can list as many as you would like. Use additional space if needed).

pollution, industrial production, transportation, agriculture, weather, animals, plants, air quality, waste, fishing, seafood, tourism, economy,  recreation, shipping

2. Describe the relationship and interaction between these variables. Be specific. For example, if you state that A influences B, indicate the direction and nature of the influence (i.e., A transforms B in this way, A increases/decreases B, etc.).

The Bay gives us many things: recreation, tourism, seafood, shipping routes which all lead to a healthier economy.  A healthier economy can lead to more production and more agriculture which can lead to pollution.  Pollution affects the weather, the water quality, the air quality, the life in the bay, and in turn all of these affect us.

3. On a separate piece of paper, diagram (either free-hand or with a software program) the variables you described above demonstrating the relationships and interactions that influence the watershed. Whether you choose to draw your diagram free-hand or with the aid of a software program, ahardcopy of this diagram should be turned in to your instructor by Friday September 1, 2010.

bay system diagram


Post Game Reaction

New Bay Diagram


2.  I now realize how much of an impact policy making has on the bay.  Group actions are always much more of an impact than individual actions and policy decisions affect all.  Fishing companies and individuals are all regulated by policy makers.  Those in the agriculture industry also have to work under the regulations put in place.  The economy also plays a larger role than I realized

3.  Meadows talked about delay with the example of the auto dealership.  I thinks it’s better to act less decisively and observe the trends more thoroughly rather than rushing to a brash decision as soon as you have information.  In regards to the bay, just because there is an abundance of crab does not mean that the regulators should tell the waterman to catch like crazy.  This will affect the market price and even though there will be much more crab to sell the profit might actually be smaller because it is flooding the market.

4.  I think the goals of the game are set up well.  I looked out for my best interest as a waterman.  I wanted to protect the bay health but as the health of the bay was rising but my profits and quality of life were struggling I put much more emphasis on trying to improve my profits.  I was still looking out for th interest of the whole but my personal interest is the most important and I think that most people would try to balance both but still try to protect their best interest.


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