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Assignment 5 – Climate Studies of PerFORUM


My studio project is called PerFORUM and aims to provide a venue for amateur Philadelphia perfomers interested in dance, music, and theater to practice and collaborate.  The design is driven by a procession of connecting gathering spaces used for interaction and performance.  This procession moves off the street into the central atrium, and eventually into the theater space which penetrates from the building.  The main building is composed of an informational mass and a production mass which have study spaces and rehearsal spaces respectively.  The two masses are connected by the large atrium space in which the monumental circulation takes place.

Site Context

Site Plan

These two diagrams show the site context and then the plan of circulation around the site.  These give you a sense of orientation and how the sun moves around the site.

Sketchy Idea of Exterior

 This shot gives you an idea of the exterior focused on the southwest corner.  It is a preliminary render though and much has changed in the design sense.

Transverse Section

This is a transverse section that diagrams solar and thermal conditions of the building.  In order to get light into the lower atrium during the winter months when the angle of the sun is low, a heliostat system is employed that follows the sun and reflects it down into the building.  The south facing rehearsal spaces are controlled with a double layer skin composed of a frosted glass grid and a metal grid.  These overlap to keep out the unwanted direct light, but allow for multiple lighting conditions come into the room. 

The regulated air is pumped enters the rooms at the outer edges and this allows for the air from the outside to have less of an effect.  The air then is drawn across the room and towards the open spaces in the center of the building, the atrium and the elevator core.  The air warms as it rises and the unwanted air is released at the top.
Theater Plan Detail

This diagram showcases the theater in detail.  The zoomed in section shows the how the skins are constructed.

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