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Talk About Glare


Glare coming at me

In lecture we had discussed different light qualities such as brightness, sparkle, and glare.  Glare is not a desirable quality and I get it every afternoon at my studio desk.  One of the lights atop the Culbreth Parking Garage has been disturbed and the glass cover now hangs down and swings in the wind.  Around 3:30 when the sun has passed by Campbell and is starting to set, it reaches the perfect angle to hit this glass.  When the wind blows the glass into the right direction and the sunlight is striking it, a vibrant beam of light reflects into Campbell.  It creates some cool flashes upon the walls but also tends to blind me at my desk.  It comes in flashes and my neighbor has watched me as I light up.  I wish I could capture the qualities of the light on the surfaces of the building without it vanishing instantly but I also wish this glare would stop hitting me right in the eyes.

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