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Studio Work


In studio I am designing a forum for Philadelphia amateur performers.  Here’s some analysis of the building in a systems way.

Site and Sun Qualities

Here is my site and how the sun hits the site.  The south side of the building is very open and visible to the busy corner while a 5 story building site directly to the north.  The orientation of the site is about 15 degrees off of north.  I put in the latitude and longitude of the site in Philadelphia and using the Ecotech Solar Tool looked and how the sun moves aroud the site.  The highest angle of the sun is on June 21 at noon and is at 73 degrees while on December 21 at noon the sun is only at 25 degrees.


Here’s a rendered image of the initial design of the site.  The building is divided into two masses, an informational mass with a media library, classrooms and individual practice spaces as well as a compositional mass with large rehearsal spaces and a theater.  The masses are connected by a circulation corridor/atrium space.  The corridor is a voided space and allows for powerful moments of moving through the space.  This is looking from the SW and your can see the theater space as a floating mass.  The site is difficult because you want the open side to be visible and attract people to the building but is also gets a lot of direct sun and must be screened in some way.  The screening is still being designed.

Transverse Section and Lighting Possibilities

Here is a transverse section looking from the west.  The corridor connects the masses and the diagrams on the right are looking at how to bring light into the corridor.  The corridor is enclosed but do you want to block some of the light and let it flood down the wall?  Do you filter instead of funnel and have pockets of shade and light or do you leave the whole thing glazed and let all the light come in?

Light angles into the corridor

This diagram shows how light would come into the corridor and in the summer light would come down into the building pretty far but the winter light would only hit the top floors.  The process of bringing reflective surfaces into that wall came up but I think the design is heading towards shifting the corridor on the bottom floors and making the opening south facing.

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