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Auto X Car Competition

The VLC (Very Light Car) by Edison2

The Automotive X Competition just came to a close and the winner is the Very Light Car (VLC) by Edison2.  The contest was for car compenies to design a car that got at least 100 miles a gallon or the energy equivalent, still hold at least 4 people, and have a range of at least 200 miles.  The company also had to come up with a business plan for implementing the car into production so it wasn’t just a prototype competition in which the research doesn’t get utilized.

What is surprising about the winner is that it won an innovative car competition but still runs solely on gasoline.  Other cars in the competition were battery powered but the VLC outperformed them and is still a more practical car at this point.  The reality is that even when using battery power, the electricity has to come from somewhere and these energies may not be renewable either.  Until batteries become more efficient and producing renewable energy becomes more available we have to realize that the combustion engine is the most efficient and oil is still a necessary resource.
The design by Edison2 shows the move that car companies should make.  In order to make cars run more efficiently on gas we have to stop wanting cars that resemble boxes on wheels and use forms from the natural world.  The drag or wind resistance around a car can be greatly reduced if the car becomes more fish-like or teardrop shaped.  This means longer, gently sloping noses and a body that comes to a point in the rear.  This competition should open avenues into more efficient design in the automobile industry as well as others.
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