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Response to Tanazaki Reading


Some things I took away from tha Tanazaki reading:

He has trouble trying to pick materials that match the traditional Japanese palette and aesthetic that he is trying to achieve while also creating a space that functions in a practical sense.  He obsesses over the details such as fixtures and trying to meet both needs.  He would be one of the people that Professor Sherman was talking about searching the black market for outdated fixtures that match and aesthetic.  Personally I am very excited for LED lights to become the norm because of the energy efficiency and am sure that the feeling from the lightbulbs will soon come the norm.

He likes Japanese toilets for their isolation and sense of reflection as well as their light qualities.  Isn’t it great when someone takes the time to worry about the usually forgotten spaces?  I have much respect for a well thought out closet or a powerful staircase which adds to the sense of the building and isn’t just left behind.

As for people trying to hide the power infrastructure in order to fit into the traditional building aesthetic, I think this makes sense.  I think we as architects though should look at embracing infrastructure more in the future to make people think about where there resources are coming from.  Systems of infrastructure can have a patterned beauty to them and could do a lot for making people think about consumption more.  A Japanese Teahouse is not the place to embrace infrastructure but in contemporary design this could be a powerful move for the future.

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